Who Are We?

The Website

This website was born in August 2016, although it wasn’t made public until September 11, 2016. I started it almost immediately after brining home a 4,5 month-old female German Sepherd, which we decided to call Nix, after a Greek goddess.

Our goal with the website is to explain what it is like to live with a German Shepherd, and review food, toys, and give advice (from our experience) on what has worked for us. We hope you enjoy the visit.

The Dog

Nix is a pretty calm, balanced and well-behaved dog. She loves playing fetch, especially if there is a frisbee or a tennis ball involved, and can spend hours sleeping, especially in the morning.

The Humans

I (Montse) run the website and write the majority of blog posts. My husband, Manel, writes the odd post here and there, helps with the technical part and there and gives his advice.

You can read more about us here.