A Brief Life Update

Well, first of all, Happy Christmas Eve! You may have noticed that I missed last week’s post, and today’s post will be more of a ramble than anything else. Last week we had a friend staying over,  and I didn’t have time to write a post. I’m been running so …

8 Reasons Why You Should Not Give a Dog as a Present for Christmas

As much as I love dogs, I have believed for a while that it’s a terrible idea to get them as gifts for other people. I’ve seen adult people, who even have children, completely give up taking responsibility or really caring for their dog, and leaving the care to someone …

A Short Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog-Lovers

So, Christmas time is approaching! If you’re looking for gift ideas, either for a dog-lover or a dog, you can take a look at our selection! Today I’ll present our favourite toys, treats and accessories, among others. The selection is based on quality and our (and Nix’s) personal preference. So, …

Nix Opens a Christimas Present

Today I want to share with you a funny video of Nix opening one of her Christmas presents. To our surprise, she managed to unwrap the present by herself: she only needed our help to cut the tag out. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to film the whole thing, just the main part of the unwrapping.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video!

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! Thanks for your support! We’ll be back on Thursday with a brand new post.