How to Keep Your Walls Clean

One of the consequences of letting a dog inside your home is that your walls may easily get dirty. Dogs can jump when they’re excited or when they are locked inside but wish to get out. In our case, the wall area around our front door was pretty dirty, as …

Nix Turns One: Some Reflections

Last Tuesday it was Nix’s first birthday. To celebrate it, we gave Nix some grilled chicken (see pictures below) and we got her a new toy, a Kong Squeezz bone, made of the same material as the Kong Squeezz ball, which she really enjoys. Since she’s turned one, I think …

A Morning Trip to the Mountains

As I mentioned in last week’s post, as I was hoping it’d help us get around and take Nix to other places. This morning we just did that: we took her for a walk up a mountain close to where we live. In the process, we found a couple of fountains, a mountain shelter and quite a lot of people and some dogs. As we were going back, it seemed like more people were coming, so it looks like we chose the right time to go.

I think Nix enjoyed herself pretty much. She behaved really well: she didn’t go too far away and came whenever we called her. And she’s always up for a car ride.

Below you’ll find some pictures from the trip.

Posing in front of one of the fountains (not pictured).

Oh, the joy of chewing a pinecone.

Trying to get her to pose so that I could take a picture. Didn’t work at all.

No tennis balls? No problem! Stones work as well!

One of the dogs we met on our way back.

Posing with Manel. We leashed her again because we saw some horses and we weren’t sure how Nix would react. She looked at them but didn’t seem too interested or too stressed.

I always enjoy taking some detailed shots of plants and flowers.

For a moment, it looked like we were in Rio de Janeiro. But no, we’re still in Spain.

New Car!

Today’s post won’t be so much about Nix but more about the consequences of having added her to our family. Both Manel and I have had our driving licenses since 2004, but so far none of us had actually owned a car. We live in a town which is pretty …

Nix Opens a Christimas Present

Today I want to share with you a funny video of Nix opening one of her Christmas presents. To our surprise, she managed to unwrap the present by herself: she only needed our help to cut the tag out. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to film the whole thing, just the main part of the unwrapping.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video!

Ideas to Keep Your Dog Entertained When You Leave Home

Last week’s post dealt with some of the basics that you need to take care of in order to avoid separation anxiety. Today’s post presents some ideas that are easy to implement before you leave home, to keep your dog entertained while you’re away. Ox Stick For us, leaving an …

The Golden Rules to Avoid Separation Anxiety

One of the most important things that a dog needs to learn is to be able to stay at home for a few hours without having separation anxiety and wrecking chaos in the house. If you’re not familiar with the term, separation anxiety happens when your dog gets anxious after …

Keeping the House Clean with a Dog: Using a Roomba

One of the drawbacks of getting a dog is that they get the house dirty: sand, dirt and hair are the norm. Before getting Nix, we never used to clean the house more than once a week. However, once she came home things changed: we had to sweep the floor …

Why Get an Insurance for Your Dog?

Dog insurance wasn’t something that had even crossed our minds, until the day Nix ran away from us unexpectly and headed home on her own. Today’s post explains what happened to us to make us consider it, and then gives an overview of what an insurance may cover. Our Story …

A Day Out in Barcelona

Last Sunday some friends of ours invited Manel and I to spend the day at their place in Barcelona. They very kindly allowed us to take Nix with us, so she wouldn’t have to spend the day on her own or with a dog sitter. Therefore, on Sunday morning we …