About Nix (& Us)

Our goal with this website is to share our experiences with our dog and to talk about issues that we feel are relevant to anyone who owns a dog or is thinking of adding one to the family. We do not make any claims to the incontestable truth of the information  we provide here: we just talk about has worked or has not worked for us or for our dog Nix. Although we live in the Mediterranean coast of Spain, whenever possible we’ll try to provide information which is relevant for other parts of the world as well or as location-independent as possible.

Looking for a bit more info about us? Read on!


Cute NixBorn on March 14th 2016, she is the main reason this website was born. Her name comes from the ancient Greek goddess of the night – since she is so dark, we thought it was a fitting name for her.

Curious, stubborn, smart and sleepyhead are some of the words that describe her. She is very friendly with people but still feels a bit insecure around dogs, although in general she is nice to them. So far, I’d say her favourite food is ham. Not that she gets to eat it very often, though.

(& Us)

The crazy people who decided to add Nix to their lives. We are Manel and Montse, a thirty-something married couple who added Nix to their life on a hot August afternoon, after much debate and back-and-forth. Although I (Montse) am doing all the writing and running the blog, I’d never ever would have been crazy enough to embark on this adventure on my own. So thanks to the support and help of my lovely husband, I’m writing these lines today.


Manel and Nix Manel has a degree in computer science and works as a videogame developer for a multinational company. He enjoys running in the early morning, playing videogames and playing tug-of-war with Nix.

Before Nix, he had a female Poodle called Briska. She was very smart but had a mind of her own and quite a temper. She was very affectionate, though.


Montse & NixI (Montse) currently work as a postdoc researcher at a Spanish university. I enjoy reading (although I read  less and less these days, unfortunately), board games, sleeping, learning new things, taking Nix for walks in the park and petting her.

Before Nix, I had two female German Shepherds (one was actually a crossbreed): Desi and Syd. Desi was  a German Shepherd pure breed which was very affectionate and good to us, but she had fear issues which turned into agressive behaviour under certain circumstances. I have very fond memories of her, when in the summer we took her to the river and she had lots of fun swimming and fetching sticks. She died unexpectedly when she was nine, during the night. I think it was probably a heart attack.

We got Syd a year after Desi died. She also had some fear issues, although she was never aggressive towards anyone or other dogs. As a puppy she had lots of energy and, as she got older, people thought she was still a puppy because she didn’t bark in front of strangers and she was very playful. When she was four she was diagnosed with Leishmaniosis, a disease that can be fatal and for which there is no cure. We were lucky: although from that point onwards she had many health issues and we had to go to the vet very often, we managed to keep the disease under control and she lived until she was ten. I remember her as a very affectionate (she loved licking people’s hands!) and a good dog.