Our Progress Towards Our New Year’s Goals

A couple of weeks ago (although it feels longer…) I wrote about our goals for the New Year. I didn’t expect to be writing about them again so soon, but since I’ve started working on them, I thought it be interesting to let you know how things are going now that it’s the end of January.

First Goal: Improve Nix’s Obedience

To begin with, I’ve started training Nix following Turid Rugaas’s booklet My Dog Pulls: What Do I Do to help with pulling. She also suffers from dog reactivity when she is on a lead, but I decided to tackle the pulling first, which I think will be easier to solve, and then deal with the dog reactivity.

Apart from this, I’ve also been teaching her some new tricks. My favourite is the one where I tell her to imitate me. This is part of the “Do as I Do” training methodology, which I wrote about here. I was very surprised as she seemed to be getting it after very few tries on her first day. We tried it again the next day, and I didn’t notice any improvement, though.

Second Goal: Improve My Knowledge

My second goal included reading the book Tu Perro Piensa y Te Quiere, as part of a broader resolution to improve my knowledge. Although I have been reading it, I haven’t got as far as I would have liked, unfortunately. The book is quite heavy and it’s difficult to read it while standing on the train on my way to and back from work, which is mainly where I read.

An Extra Activity: Agility

Finally, we’ve gone back to agility classes. As we were there on our first day back, I remembered how much Nix enjoys working and I had yet another reminder of how smart she is. Although we had been assigned back to the starter level, after almost a year without attending, she quickly remembered what the whole thing was about. The only problem is that she gets too excited waiting for her turn to run the course, and she barks and pulls if I don’t keep her entertained.

I believe that the agility classes will also help improve her attitude towards other dogs and her obedience. And what better way to do so, than by having fun?

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