Some Tips That May Make Your Life (and Your Dog’s) Easier

I owe the idea for today’s blog post to Manel. I wasn’t feeling inspired, and he kindly suggested that I could write about tips that have made our lives easier when it comes to Nix. Of course, they may not apply to you, but you never know when they may come in handy. Here we go!

The Kibble Can

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know that Nix suffered from various stomach issues throughout the first two years of her life. At the end, we managed to find a combination of kibbles that sit well with her: Advance Diabetes (also great for colitis, which seems to be her problem, she is not diabetic) and Acana Pacific Pilchard or Acana Pacifica.

The thing is that having to mix both kibbles everyday was a bit of a nuisance, and so Manel came up with the idea of the kibble can. We basically fill it up with a mixture of both kibbles, so that we just have to scoop it from there when it’s breakfast and dinner time. It requires an extra time investment when it’s empty, but it’s worth it because we fill it faster than the time we’d take every day getting the kibble out of their respective bags.

The Doggy Backpack

Although we own a backpack for Nix, this is a small human backpack filled with Nix’s stuff. We use it to carry her frisbee, her long leash, a tennis ball and other variable stuff such as poop bags and Nix’s brush.

We never use this backpack to carry our own stuff, since the frisbee is always full of sand, and so is the long leash. We got the backpack for a very low price (less than € 5, if I remember correctly) and it’s perfect for this purpose. Plus, it can be washed in the washing machine.

The Two Beds

Yes, you read this right. Nix has two beds: one is in our dining/living room, and the other in our bedroom. Although we came to have the beds almost by chance, we’ve found out it’s really practical. She can choose where she wishes to relax and rest (although her choice is always to be close to us) and she can be comfortable both during the day and at night.

Another advantage of having two beds is that you can make sure that there is always a bed available if one is being washed or dried. I know that sometimes it’s enough to wash the covers, but one of the beds has no spare covers (I asked and they don’t sell them separately…).

The Car Stuff

We always carry a pack training pads and doggy wet wipes in the car, in case there are any accidents. We never take them out of the car. It’s also practical because whenever we go on holiday we don’t have to remember to get them.

The Microfibre Bath Mat

To avoid the mess Nix makes when she drinks water, we’ve placed her water and food bowls on a microfibre bath mat. The keyword here is microfibre. If you get a regular (e.g. cotton) mat, it will soak the water and remain wet. On the other hand, the microfibre mat dries very quickly and never looks wet or soaked. The same applies when you wash it, it dries really quickly.

So this is the list of tips for today’s post. Any other ideas?

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