8 Reasons Why You Should Not Give a Dog as a Present for Christmas

Giving a dog as a gift is a terrible idea…

As much as I love dogs, I have believed for a while that it’s a terrible idea to get them as gifts for other people. I’ve seen adult people, who even have children, completely give up taking responsibility or really caring for their dog, and leaving the care to someone else.

I believe that this can even be made worse if dogs are given as a gift. It’s easy to get into the Christmas spirit and falling into the trap of thinking that a dog would be a nice Christmas gift. Under other circumstances, you may realise it not such a good idea. Because of this, I’ve compiled a short list of 8 reasons why you should not get a dog for someone else.

  1.  A dog is not a toy or an object, it’s a living being. And there is no step back, so to speak. You cannot put the dog away when you can’t be bothered to go for a walk, you cannot throw it away and you cannot pretend it’s not there.
  2.  A dog can be a money pit. If everything is fine, it’ll still be an expense, but limited to food, a few toys and shots (mainly). However, if the dog gets ill, the bills pile up very quickly and it can get terribly expensive, even more so in case of an emergency.
  3.  A dog requires time. Time to feed it, time to take it for walks and time to go to the vet.
  4.  Your house will never be the same. It will never be as clean as it used to be (unless you put way more effort into it) and it’s highly likely that at some point the dog will chew furniture, electronics, cables or something that shouldn’t be chewed.
  5.  In relation to the previous point, it’s also likely that the dog will have accidents inside the house. And not only necessarily if you get a puppy. Adult and elderly dogs can also be ill or have accidents.
  6.  The noise and smell. Dogs can be very loud and can be smelly.
  7.  Do not rely on someone else to take care of the dog, especially children. Children may love dogs, but may not be so willing to do the dog-related chores. I’m not saying that all of them are like this; I’m sure that there are very responsible children who do their part. However, do not count on it.
  8.  There is a difference between wanting and being ready to do something. I wanted a dog every since I went to college, but I didn’t have the money and I wasn’t ready. Just because someone says they want a dog, it does not mean that they are ready for it.
Playtime with Nix and the drone!

As my dad used to say (you’ll have to excuse the language): “People get dogs, and when the dog gets home, they realise that the dog eats and shits”.

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