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So it’s been a long time since my last post, which was last February. Back then, I was going through a dark period with the website, and I already explained that I had decided not to force myself to write.

However, life forced itself upon me, so to speak. On Februrary 26th, I fell down some stairs while I was taking Nix out for a walk, and broke my ankle in the process. I had to go through surgery, and it’s been a very long process of recovery. I can now walk again, but I still have trouble going down the stairs. And sports are still out of the question.

Nix keeping me company 🙂

My main focus during these months has been on myself, both physically and mentally. I didn’t have any headspace for Nix & Us. However, as the date for renewal of the hosting and domain for the website was getting closer, I felt sad thinking about shutting the web down for good.

Nurses Nix and Manel, curing my ankle. Nurse Nix ensures that nurse Manel does his job properly.

So, instead of saying goodbye, I’ve decided to come back from my hiatus, or at least try. But, since my previous hosting was quite expensive, I’ve decided to relocate the website. Although I was very happy with the service, had had zero problems with them and everything had been really easy to set up and get working, it wasn’t worth the money considering how much traffic it was getting and how many features I wasn’t using.

My last few days have looked pretty similar to this…

In addition, I was upset when I found that the hosting plan I had didn’t allow me to have add-on domains. Add-on domains are necessary when, for example, you wish to have two separate websites in different domains (for example, and At the time, I wanted to create another website with a different domain and decided to look for another hosting provider.

Thanks to this, I found another provider which was way cheaper and allowed me to have up to 3 different domains in my account. True, their servers don’t respond as fast and I’ve found it more difficult to set things up correctly, but I’ve managed to.

Fortunately, I haven’t had to do much coding.

So, although externally everything looks as it used to, Nix & Us has now a new home.

In the next few days there will probably be more downtime as I finish the process of moving the website. It’s also possible that I’ll make some changes to the design and maybe even rename it. However, nothing is yet decided at the moment.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy the website!

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