Lili Chin and Doggie Drawings

Today’s post will be a little bit different from the usual. I wanted to talk about an artist, called Lili Chin, whose drawings of dogs have become quite famous. I really like her style and I thought it’d be interesting to talk about her work. Please note that I’m writing this out of my own accord: she hasn’t asked me to and as far as I know she’s not even aware that this website exists. All images in this post belong to Lili Chin and Doggie Drawings.

A Little Back Story & Work

According to herself, Lili is a Los Angeles-based artist, born in Malaysia and raised in Sydney. In 2014, she started a series of posters / drawings called Dogs of the World, in which she portrayed different breeds according to their area or country of origin. The success of her cute, casual and fun dogs means that she created other posters, devoted to cats, birds or even a dogs of the world  map.

It’s now possible to buy not only the posters from her etsy shop, but also other mechandise from several companies which have licensed and feature her work. For example, there are T-Shirts, tote bags, cell phone cases or even jigsaw puzzles, among others. She also does custom pet portraits, if you’re interested in it.

Free Goodies

Apart from her dog posters and the doggie world map, what I really like about her is her freebies. As a dog lover, Lili has has decided to give back to the community, and created some gorgeous and very useful posters which people can print and distribute for free, under a creative commons license (more specifically, you cannot make from her drawings or create derivative works). She’s done most of this in collaboration with dog trainers or ethologists.

In particular, my favourite two are the “The World’s Most Dangerous Foods” and “Boogie: DOGGIE LANGUAGE” (click on the images below to download them). I’ve printed the first on an A4 paper which is now hanging on our fridge door. The second one is useful to remind onself of a dog’s body expressions and their meaning. It’s based on books by Brenda Aloff and Turid Rugaas. I haven’t read all of their works, but I’ve read books by both authors and I think they are great. You can check my reviews of some of Turid’s books here and here.

However, you can find many other posters on many different behaviour-related topics, such as on classical conditioning, how to socialize your dog or misconceptions of misbehaviours, among others. I particularly recommend reading and/or printing these if you’re newbie when it comes to dog behaviour. If you don’t want to print them yourself, you can also order prints online. It’s nice to have both options available.

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