Eyenimal USB LED Collar: A Review

Eyenimal LED collar detail  A couple of months after Nix came into our lives, we realised that as days got darker it was more and more difficult to spot her at night, especially in one of the parks where there are quite a few trees. We had seen some dogs wearing blinking LED lights, but we didn’t particularly like them, as we preferred something more noticeable.

We started our research for LED collars. Many of these lights and collars work with replaceable batteries, but Manel insisting on getting a collar that could be charged using a USB cable, so that we wouldn’t have to worry about the batteries.

There weren’t many options, so we finally went for the Eyenimal USB LED Collar.


It’s made of nylon and is “shower resistant” according to the website. I wouldn’t put it underwater, but it seems to do okay in the rain.

Colours and Sizes
Eyenimal USB Light Collar
Image from Eyenimal (www.eyenimal.com)

The collar comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. All of them are 2.5 cm wide and the length varies according to the size, and can be adjusted:

  • Small (S): 40-45 cm
  • Medium (M): 45-55 cm
  • Large (L): 55-60 cm

There are three colours available: red, green and blue.

How the collar works

The collar has a switch with three different positions: off, blinking or static. It can be charged with a standard modern cell phone charger (Android, not iPhone). The charged battery lasts for about 10 hours, according to the website.

Eyenimal LED collar detail
Detail of the switch

The price ranges between €/£ 7 – 10, depending on current offers.

Our Experience / REVIEW

We got the collar from Zooplus (scroll to the bottom of the page for your country’s specific shop) in green and a medium size. They didn’t have it in red. We have been using it almost daily since the end of October 2016. It has worked really well for our purposes. We put the collar on Nix when it’s dark, so we use it more intensely in the winter. We never use the blinking mode because it’s awful, it feels like you could get an epilepsy attack. The static mode is great, though. When it’s turned on Nix is really easy to spot.

Nix wearing the Eyenimal LED collar
Nix posing with the Eyenimal USB LED collar (green) and wearing also her normal collar (purple)

We haven’t really measured how long the battery lasts, but 10 hours is probably right. You can notice that the battery is running out because the light from the collar gets dimmer. For us this is good, because it doesn’t stop working all of a sudden.

Eyenimal LED collar detail
Notice the ring to attach the leash. We never use it.

Note however that we never attach Nix’s leash to this collar. We could, but we limit the use of this collar to the purpose we got it for (seeing Nix at night). I don’t really know how well it would work with a leash, and I think it’s better to avoid it. Nix has no problem wearing two collars simultaneously.

In summary, this collar has been a great tool to spot Nix at night. We’re very happy with how it works and we have no complaints about it. It’s still fine after almost a year of use, and we can heartily recommend it.

By the way, if you prefer using a replaceabe battery (CR2032) instead of charging, it, the same company offers a very similar model. Apparently it lasts longer.

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