Trixie Dog Disc / Frisbee Review

trixie dog disc orange
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About a month and a half ago we bought Nix a new frisbee. In the last year or so she’s become addicted to fetching her frisbee: she loves it and it’s a great way to tire her out and exercise her.  We usually play with it at least twice a day. So after being put through the grinder, frisbees tended to wear out and eventually break. Up to this time, we’d been through three rigid plastic frisbees.

Therefore, when the last frisbee started to look pretty bad, I ordered a new one online. Fortunately, they didn’t have any like the ones we had been using, so I decided to try a new type of frisbee (or dog disc): the Trixie Dog Disc, made out of flexible plastic.


According to the company’s website, the frisbee is made of “flexible, soft and robust plastic”, it has “optimal flight characteristics” and it’s “bite-proof and non-splinter”. It comes with a short booklet on how to introduce the dog to the frisbee fetching.

Sizes and Colours

The frisbee comes in two sizes: 19 and 23 cm of diameter. Although the website is not clear on this front, it apparently comes in two different colours: orange and cyan blue.


We got the 23cm frisbee in orange, and we paid about € 5 for it.


This Trixie plastic frisbee or dog disc is great. The ones we had used previously were pretty bad compared to this. We’ve been using it for about three weeks and we’re really happy with how it turned out. The three main claims made by the company have been proven to be true, so far. There are no bite marks, it hasn’t splintered, it’s a joy to throw and it’s indeed soft, flexible and robust. Logically, it has some scratches and drawings and lettering are almost gone, but who buys a frisbee for the drawing? Dogs certainly don’t care.

Nix carrying her frisbee
Nix loves her frisbee…
Trixie dog disc after three weeks of use
State of the frisbee after approximately three weeks of intense use. It’s fine, other than some scratch marks and the fact that the lettering and drawing are almost gone.

The previous frisbees we used got bite marks from day one, which eventually ended all over the frisbee and at one point we could actually hurt ourselves if Nix decided to play tug-of-war with us instead of returning the frisbee (it didn’t happen often, but it did happen).

I think the price is great for the quality the frisbee offers. The other type of frisbees were a bit cheaper, but this one seems it’s going to last longer and I think it’s safer to use than the others. Nix’s fangs are already worn out, and we believe it’s likely that one of the culprits is the frisbee. In our opinion, this will no longer be a problem if we use a softer frisbee.

By the way, this frisbee doesn’t float. So it’s not appropriate for playing at the beach or in a swimming pool unless you want your dog to dive.

Finally, do not buy the frisbee if you’d like to have the booklet. The booklet is useless if your dog already knows how to play with a frisbee, and you can also find it online on Trixie’s website. You can also watch a video using the previous link.

Nix jumping to catch the frisbee
Nix takes the business of frisbee catching very seriously, as you can see.

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