New Design for Nix & Us!

So, finally the new web design is live!! It’s taken quite a few hours and days to get the final look, but I’m very pleased with the result. I’ve tried to keep some of the previous things as they were: same typography and similar colour scheme, so that the website would still feel familiar. However, I don’t reject the idea of changing the colour scheme later on. I think I’m a bit tired of the pink.

New Nix & Us Design
New design showing the menu and the first area of content, displaying the latest three posts.
New Home Page

Despite this, I hope that the new layout will make it easier to navigate the content. The front page is now structured into four different areas showing the following:

  • First Area: The three most recent posts
  • Second Area: Featured posts, selected by myself
  • Third Area: All the posts, from latest to earliest. Logically, they are not loaded all at once, so if you scroll down you’ll get the option of loading more posts.
  • Fourth Area: A short intro to who we are. You can read more in the About page.

This is quite different from the previous design, where there was no information on the home page, just a picture, and one had to navigate to a specific page in order to be able to read the blog posts.

New Menu

The menu has also changed quite a bit and has been “shortened”. You’ll find a link, “Latest”, to a list of the latests posts,;”Categories” which unfolds into a submenu that contains links to the main categories of the website; and “About” links to the about page, but also unfolds into a submenu where one can navigate to the contact page.

Next to this you’ll find all the links to the social media, which previously were on the footer, at the bottom of the page.


The footer hasn’t changed much. It still contains three different areas with the recent posts, the latest tweets and the latests Instagram posts.

Posts Page
Posts page of the new Nix & Us design
Screenshot of part of a posts page of the new Nix & Us design

Unlike previously, the pages for each category no longer contain the whole content of every post, but rather excerpts of them. You can click on these posts to read more about them. When you do so, a new page will open where you’ll be able to read the whole content of said post. At the end of this page you’ll find social media sharing buttons (in case you feel like sharing it!) and links to related posts. There are also links to the previous and next post.


These are, I believe, the main changes I’ve made to the website. I hope you’ll find it easier to navigate and read, and that you like the new layout. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!

To another year of Nix & Us!

P.S: In case you’re wondering, the whole update process went pretty smoothly and didn’t give me too much trouble. I cannot complain 🙂

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