Nix’s First Year With Us: A Photo Review

Last Wednesday marked a year since we took Nix home with us. To commemorate it, I’ve selected a few images (one per month, except August 2016 which I’ve added two) to illustrate the year and show Nix’s growth. I hope you enjoy the photo selection!!

Nix’s first day with us. We went to my in-law’s, who have a garden. August 2016.
Looking cute. August 2016.
Nix & Us
Posing for the website pictures. September 2016.
Posing with Puc. October 2016.
Loving her new bed. November 2016.
Playing with Manel at the park. Notice she dropped the stone she was carrying. December 2016.
One of the presents she got for Christmas (actually, the Three Wise Men / Epiphany). January 2017.
Ready to run at the beach. February 2017.
Celebrating Nix’s birthday by having some grilled chicken. March 2017.
Sleeping in the car. April 2017.
Bathing Nix after jumping in the lake. She hated it. May 2017.
Doggy’s eyes. June 2017.
Chewing Puc’s toy. July 2017.


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