Toys: Nayeco Toby Dog Plush Toy Review

Today I’d like to review the Nayeco Toby Dog plush toy. We got it towards the end of June, as Nix had already torn her previous plush toy. As you can see in the pictures, it is a very cute dog. It’s made of soft fabric and, it also squeaks. I don’t remember exactly how much we paid for it, but it’s sold online for around 9-11 €.

nayeco toby dog plush toy brand new
The Nayeco Toby dog toy brand new. Looked lovely…

Unfortunately, though, it was a very bad choice for Nix. On the same day that we gave it to her, at one point I noticed that she seemed to be chewing something that was not the toy. When I went to her to see, I noticed that she had already managed to tear off the dog’s eyes. I didn’t give it much importance, though, as I realised they were easy to remove.

A couple of days later, however, I noticed that she had already torn the toy’s fabric and was apparently eating the toy’s filling. At this point I decided it was no longer safe and had to put it away.

Destroyed doggy plush toy
The sad state of the toy after a couple of days.

The lessons I’ve learnt from this when looking for plush toys are:

  1. We should look for toys which have no parts sewed to them. Or if they have them, they are well-integrated into the toy and are not easy to tear off.
  2. We should avoid toys which have some kind of filling inside, as when they are torn, the dogs can easily eat it.

So, if your dog is a strong chewer and enjoys rough play with their toys, I strongly recommend skipping this one and looking elsewhere, such as this one. It’s the first plush toy we bought for Nix and lasted for many months. Plus, it’s cheaper.

Have you tried any other plush toys which were rough-dog resistant? Any recommendations?

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