Ideas for the Summer: Nayeco Freez Toys – Dumbbell

My most recent discovery in dog toys has been in the form of frozen toys. I know some people fill their dog’s Kong with moist food and then freeze it, so that the dog will take longer to eat it.  This is also a good idea for the summer.  However, today I want to talk about toys that are especifically designed to be frozen.

Freez Toy Nayeco Dumbbell
Nayeco Freez Toy – Frozen Dumbbell

As far as I know, there are two different types. The first type are toys that have to be filled with water and then left to freeze. The second type already contain water and just need to be frozen. Other than the ways of “using” them, the main difference between the two is that, for the first type, as the ice warms up it will turn into water and “spill” from the toy. In a way, it’s a way of providing your dog with ice-cold water. From the second type of toys no water spills out.

I would really have liked to try both types, but I just bought one toy of the second type. The main reason is that we have no garden and Nix doesn’t usually like to spend time on the terrace, so I thought that she would make a mess inside the house when the ice turned to water.

I bought the Nayeco Frozen Dumbbell. There were other models but this one seemed the most resistant, although I had my reservations. Nix is a heavy chewer and has a strong bite, and the toy felt soft and not very strong.

However, so far it seems that my resevations were unfounded. The toy is still fine and Nix hasn’t punctured it with her teeth. I have to say that I’ve been careful with it, trying to put it away when it had defrosted, but Nix is still Nix and she’s rough playing with it.

frozen nayeco dumbbell
The toy after a few uses. Still looks like the first day, already frozen and ready for Nix.

Nix likes the toy, but it’s not one of her favourites. Still, when you give it to her at the right time, she enjoys it a lot. And she also likes chewing it once it’s defrosted, probably because it’s softer.

While I was taking some pictures, she begged for the toy and performed a down without being required to.

Have you tried any other types of frozen toys? Did your dog like them?

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