Having Some Fun in a Pool

Last weeked we decided that Nix should try something new. Seeing that a while back she decided to jump into a lake and the high temperatures we’ve been having lately (around 28 ºC together with high levels of humidity in the air, which make it worse), we thought she’d enjoy splashing in a doggy pool.  I say “splashing” because we have no space for a bigger pool where she’d be able to swim. We already knew of the existence of doggy pools; however, they are more expensive than plastic pools for children, and as we weren’t 100% sure that she’d like it, we thought it’d be better to spend less at first.

So on Sunday we went to a local Chinese shop where they sell a bit of everything, including small swimming pools for children. We found one from the Intex brand which was a bit more expensive than the others but was also bigger. We could fit the pool in our terrace but barely.

Nix was very curious about the whole process of setup and was very interested, but it took some coaxing to get her into the pool. I had to go in first and encourage her, and still she didn’t seem to trust it enough. Then Manel decided to try soaking her paws into the pool: she removed them pretty fast but at one point, after our insistence, she decided to get in.

I’d dare say that after this she had a lot of fun as you can see in the video below. She spent most of the time in the pool splashing water around. After a while she got tired of it and then she went inside. I had a towel ready but still she made a bit of a mess. Fortunately, she calmed down soon enough and she spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping.

We left the pool for the rest of the week, to see if she’d like to try it again. However, there was no luck on that front. She merely soaked her paws one day, and the rest of the days she just looked at the water. Manel wasn’t home to join forces with me trying to persuade her, and as I was also busy, I thought it best not too insist too much. On Friday we emptied the pool and put it away, because we knew it’d be at least a couple of weeks before we’d have the opportunity to use it again.


I don’t regret having bought the pool, but I’m not sure whether I’d buy a children’s pool or a doggy pool had I known Nix’s reaction. She was so excited while she was splashing in the pool that she started chewing the inflatable plastic that holds it up. One of the plastic rings actually blew out because she bit it.  Still the pool held up for the rest of week.

However,  when we emptied it on Friday, we noticed that one of the other plastic rings had also burst. We’re not sure if it burst because Nix had bitten it or we accidentally pushed it into the thorns of our rose bush.

So I think it’d be worth considering getting a cheaper doggy pool (even if this means getting a smaller one) instead of a children’s pool, as we did. It may not last the weekend in the second case…

Have you tried any doggy pools? Did your dog like them? Any ideas on how to better use children’s pools for dogs?

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