Furminator: The Best Dog Brush We’ve Tried

Important note: During this post, I’ll talk and refer to the Furminator as a brush. However, it is marketed as a de-shedding tool.

During the late spring and early summer months dogs tend to shed a lot of hair. About a couple of weeks ago, Nix reached the shedding peak. We had left her with her dog-sitter for a long weekend and when we came back we noticed how much hair she was leaving all around the place. Just so you can get a picture, we had as much hair in a day on the floor as we usually had in a week.

Seeing this, we decided to brush Nix’s hair at least once a day. Our favourite brush is the Furminator: it may not look like much, as it only has one row of teeth, but it works wonders. It removes a huge amount of dog hair and the hair is incredibly easy to remove from the brush.

Most of the dog hair is held by the brush until your remove it, which is really easy to do, unlike other brushes.

Before discovering the Furminator, I had tried many other types of brushes and grooming gloves (see some pictures of the types of brush I tried below) , but none worked as well. Our Furminator is an older version, bought when my other dog Syd was still alive, but so far I haven’t tried any better brush.

The Furminator comes in different sizes (toy, small, medium, large and giant) and two versions (short hair and long hair). Ours is the large version for short hair, if I’m not mistaken. Its price depends on the Furminator you get, but it can range from around € 20 – € 60. Many times it’s possible to find offers or to get older versions of the brush for a cheaper price.

In any case, if you search for online reviews you’ll see that most of the people who use it are really happy with it, as it really helps reduce the shedding of your dog. And no, it doesn’t cut  or pull the dog’s hair, any more than a normal brush would. We can recommend it 100%.

So, have you tried the Furminator? Is it also your favourite brush? Do you have any other recommendations?

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