Another Lesson Learnt: We’d Better Avoid Cheese

As I explained in last week’s post, Nix has been having some stomach issues of (so far) unclear cause. Last Tuesday we stopped giving her any kind of medication. Fortunately, it seemed like she had recovered, as she didn’t throw up… until Friday night.

On Friday we invited my aunt over for dinner. She arrived while I was away and brought some cheese for Manel to try. I can imagine the situation: Manel and my aunt eating some of the cheese, and Nix sitting in front of them staring at either them or the cheese, looking cute and behaving reaaally well.

Staring and looking cute – winning combination to get some treats!

So my aunt asked Manel whether she could give her some cheese, and Manel said it was okay. I believe that in the end both of them gave her cheese. When I came back home I had no clue what had been going on and it wasn’t until after my aunt had left that Manel told me about it.

Behaving well while waiting for the food. Sorry about the picture quality, the original was very underexposed (i.e. dark)!

Everything was fine when we went to bed, but just as I was falling asleep, I heard retching sounds from outside our room. I woke Manel up and we both got up to clean the mess (he actually dealt with the nastier part). She had thrown up her dinner, but we’re not sure how much of it.

We cannot be 100% sure that the cheese was the culprit. However, as it turns out, she was perfectly fine yesterday (Saturday) and so far she’s been doing well today. It’s true that in the previous weeks the vomiting had been a bit random and unpredictable, but it seems too much of a coincide that she had some cheese and  a few hours later she threw up her food.

My intention now is to avoid giving her anything other than her kibble or her treats, and maybe (just maybe) allow her to have some boiled chicken. And I think I’ll look for a book on dangerous foods for dogs. I believe I already had a candidate on my Amazon wishlist.

Have you had a similar experience with cheese  or another food? How did you deal with it?

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