Nix’s First Swim

Or the reason why you should not trust your dog near water…

Usually we take Nix to a couple of parks that are close to where we live. On Saturday, however, we decided to take Nix to a different park, which is quite far but it’s lovely. Although it’s not very big, there is a big pond inside and it’s full of trees. There is even a small (artifical) waterfall. Another bonus is that the park is completely fenced, so the only way to enter and exit the park is through the entrance gate: less risk of your dog running away if you let him loose.

A very small waterfall.

When we arrived we decided to let Nix loose so she could have some fun. We noticed that she was very interested in the water and the pond, but we thought that she was just thirsty, as we had walked for a while. So we gave her some water from a fountain using her water bottle.

As you can see in this picture, Nix was pretty interested in the water…

We then decided to take another walk around the park, but this time we didn’t pay too much attention to Nix, as she seemed to be behaving pretty well. Up to that point, she had only ever swum once and it was one day that Manel had actually lifted her up and put her in the swimming pool to see if she liked it. She didn’t seem to enjoy it much, so he lifted her again and placed her out of the pool.

This day, however,  while Manel was strolling around, and just as I was trying to take some pictures of the lake,  I noticed out of the corner of my eyes Nix diving into it.

The last picture I took before Nix decided to jump into the water.

The first thing I did was to shout and warn Manel that Nix had just jumped into the water. I was really worried that we wouldn’t be able to pull her out. I still have no clue how deep that pond is, but Nix couldn’t reach the bottom with her paws.

Manel was at the opposite side and called her to him, but she decided to swim a bit more instead of getting closer to where he was. Then I followed her along the edge of the pond and called her from a point where we’d be able to pull her out. This time she did listen and come to me, so when she arrived I grabbed her by the collar to avoid her swimming away again, and waited for Manel to pull her out.

A wet dog after being pulled out of the water.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened. Nix looked invigorated and pretty satisfied with herself after the swim, and I was both amused by the situation and worried about what might have happened. In addition, Nix didn’t drink any water from the pond and so she didn’t get any nasty suprises (at least, so far she hasn’t). However, once we got home we decied to bathe her because the pond water was actually green (who knows what’s in there?).

Bathing Nix at my in-laws’ after her swim in the lake. She didn’t like it at all.

In the end, Manel and I laughed about the situation and we still think of it with a smile, but I’m very aware that we were lucky that nothing bad happened. There are two things that I’ve learnt from this: the first is not to trust Nix near water again, especially when it’s hot; the second is that she seems to enjoy water and swimming. My next goal is to take her to a dog water park, to see if she likes it.

So, have any of you tried taking your dog to a water park, or to a doggy beach? Did your dog enjoy the experience?

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