Another Trip to the Mountains

A few weeks ago we took Nix again on a morning trip to the mountains. This time our goal was to reach a castle on top a hill with views over the Mediterranean sea. Nix wasn’t feeling her best but I think she enjoyed herself nonetheless.

All set and ready to go!
Our goal: the castle on top of the hill

We parked the car in the closest town and walked through it until we reached a dirt path that leads, first of all, to a water spring, and then up the hill to the castle. Cars are allowed until the water spring, where there is a picnic area, so it wasn’t the best of walks, especially on our walk back, as plenty of cars were driving there for lunch.

I think it took about an hour to reach the top. It was pretty uphill but the path was in a really good shape almost until the top, so it was easy to walk. Once at the top, it was a bit too crowded for our taste, but the view was impressive and the castle pretty nice.

Taking a break after reaching the top.
The tower of the castle. We couldn’t go inside to visit it.
The view over the coast and the Mediterranean sea from the castle.
Manel and Nix posing on our way down.
Some flowers.

Overall, I really enjoyed our morning trip and I don’t regret going, but I’d do things differently next time. First of all, I think I’d go earlier in the morning to avoid the crowds, and secondly, I’d drive with the car until the water spring, to avoid having to walk on the path while the cars drive by.

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