New Car!

Today’s post won’t be so much about Nix but more about the consequences of having added her to our family. Both Manel and I have had our driving licenses since 2004, but so far none of us had actually owned a car. We live in a town which is pretty well-communicated by public transportation and so far we had managed to get around for our daily-life. Whenever we needed a car, we’d ask to borrow my in-law’s or my aunt’s. It was a bit cumbersome, because neither live in the same town as us, but they live close enough to be able to manage.

However, ever since Nix came into our lives, we’ve felt the need for a car more acutely. Although she really loves to travel by train, when we take her with us we also have to take along toys, treats and pads, and depending on how long we’re gone, we also have to take her bed, food and at least a bowl. So it’s not very practical because of how many things we have to carry and we’ve found ourselves asking to borrow a car more often than we usually did.

Then again, I personally feel a bit limited with our options to take Nix on walks. Although we live next to the beach, dogs are not allowed there from April to October, and then there are only two parks within a short walking distance to where we live. And one of these parks is really small. Even if I’m very grateful for having at least two or three different options (I don’t think people who live in certain areas of Barcelona are that lucky), I’d really like to take her to other places. I feel that the car we’ll really help us to add some more variety on weekends.

Finally, due to a change of jobs, I’m no longer able to work from home everyday. So on those days that I have to be away for many hours, we take Nix to a dog-sitter. Unfortunately, the dog-sitter lives 30 minutes away from home by foot, and it’s mostly uphill. So although exercising is good for one’s health, it was certainly tough taking her there and then picking her up after a day’s work.

In the end, one day we started talking about getting a car and in about 5-6 weeks we chose one and got it. Things went pretty fast, but once we got the idea into our heads we just got excited about the car and didn’t question our decision. We’ll see how it goes and how far it helps us in our daily lives.

By the way, we got a hybrid Toyota Auris in Denim Blue. We’re really happy with it :), and Nix already loves it, as you can see below.



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