Toys: Kong Squeezz Ball

Today I present another review of one of Nix’s favourite toys: the Kong Squezz Ball. Our original reason for buying it was that we wanted a ball that she could play with at home and that was more resistant than the Kong Squeaker Tennis Balls. As Nix loves chewing tennis balls and enjoys the squeaking, we opted for this one rather than the Kong rubber balls because it squeaks.

There is nothing much to say about the ball: it is made of thermoelastic rubber and inside of it there is the squeaker. There is also a hole in the middle which runs across the whole diameter of the ball: I’m not sure of the reason for its existence – maybe to avoid choking if swallowed?

The ball comes in four different colours: ruby, amethyst (the one we have), emerald and sapphire. There are also several sizes: medium, large and extra large. We got the extra large for Nix, which is really appropriate for her. The extra large one’s price was about 9€, and the medium-sized one about 5€.

Nix and Us: Our Experience

As I’ve said previously, the main reason for buying this toy was to have a ball that was resistant and that Nix could play with at home. We wanted it to be resistant so that we wouldn’t have to limit Nix’s access to it.  We also hoped that Nix would like it.

The ball fulfills two of the three purposes. Nix loves it and it is resitant. However, it turns out it was a bad idea to have a ball for indoor use. Most of the time it rolls under furniture and then Nix gets upset because she cannot reach under the furniture to get it. At other times, she comes to us with the ball to try and provoke us into playing with her.

So, unfortunately, the ball does not fulfill the purpose we got it for, but that it’s not the toy’s fault, but rather ours for not foreseeing the consequences. Although we keep it for sporadic indoor use, perhaps in the future we’ll use it outside and find a different toy for playing at home.

Nix and Us: Recommendation

I’d recommend buying this Kong ball if you’re looking for a resitant ball that squeaks and which is made of rubber. However, given our experience, I wouldn’t recommend it for indoor use, but that would probably be the case for any type of ball.

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