4 Things You May Forget to Do After Getting a Dog

Today’s post lists four things which you should do after getting a dog and which you may easily forget, because they are not obvious and they have nothing to do with pet supplies.

  1. Get your dog microchipped if this option is available in your country. In many countries it is in fact compulsory to do so.  If the dog ever gets lost, and for some reason does not have its ID tag with him, it is likely that it will be returned to you. Make sure, though, that the contact information is kept up to date.
  2. Check the local regulations to determine if you need to register the dog with any local authority. In Spain, the town councils require you to register your dog there.
  3. Get it checked by your local vet. It is a way to ensure that everything is okay health-wise and to introduce yourself and the dog to the vet. Your vet can also offer advice as to what to do on your first days.
  4. Get a dog tag with your phone number if you don’t have it already. If the dog ever gets lost, it will be faster than checking the data on the microchip.
Nix actually has two dog tags: one for her usual collar, and one for her harness. They are cheap and very practical.


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