Why Get an Insurance for Your Dog?

Dog insurance wasn’t something that had even crossed our minds, until the day Nix ran away from us unexpectly and headed home on her own. Today’s post explains what happened to us to make us consider it, and then gives an overview of what an insurance may cover.

Our Story

A few months back we had a bit of a scare with Nix. It was a relatively early Saturday morning, and Manel and I had gone out for a walk with Nix. We went to a park, we unleashed her, and there we met with another dog, a male husky, who was “friends” with her. They had met on previous occasions without a problem.

As we have no space for Nix to run at home, we like taking her to the park or the beach and unleash her, so she can run freely. This can be risky if the dog runs away and causes any kind of damage or accident.

That day, however, the husky started playing a bit rough and chasing Nix. Nix was uncomfortable, and before we reacted, she decided to run away, with the husky right behind her. I thought she’d just go around the park and come back to us. Manel, however, was wiser and decided to run after them.

I went through a different route, losing eye contact with the dogs, and when 30 seconds later I didn’t see them around I realised that they had run out of the park. Manel was nowehere to be seen, either. So I reached the conclusion that the most probably Nix had decided to go home. I started running towards there, following our usual walk, and at one point I saw both dogs and another woman in-between throwing a jacket around them.

We were incredibly lucky – the woman loved dogs, had seen them one chasing the other, and realised they had run away. She had no clue how to stop them, so she tried waving a jacket at them and it worked. Both dogs stopped. Eventually Manel and the other dog owner reached us, and everything was well. Both dogs were fine, and they caused no damage. However, they could have been run over by a car or damaged someone’s property.

Even if a dog loves a toy, it’s not a guarantee that it won’t run away…

Although I was very aware of the danger Nix had been in, what I did not realise was that we could have been sued if Nix had caused an accident. So, apart from dealing with the potential injuries the dog may get (or even his or her death), we may have had to deal with damage compensation. It was my father the first one that mentioned this to me.


So far, we haven’t got an insurance yet. Lately it’s been difficult to stay on top of things,  and for one reason or another we’ve kept forgetting. Lacking ideas for today’s post, I thought I’d read about dog insurance and then write about it. Hopefully this will also help me to finally get it.

From what I’ve researched, it turns out that most insurances cover medical costs. That is, if your dog gets injured as a result of an accident or requires veterinary assistance because he or she gets ill, the insurance may cover (part of) the expenses. The details of what is covered or not will depend, logically, of the details of the policy.

We’re not particulary interested in this kind of insurance. What worries us is the damages that may be caused to a third party if Nix ever gets out of control. From what I’ve read, some insurances also cover the costs of civil liability, which is what we’d be interested in. What I don’t know yet is whether there are insurances that only cover civil liability costs.

It seems that many home insurance policies can add clauses to include your pets in them. So the first thing I’ll do is check if we can add Nix to our home insurance or our personal one. If not, then I’ll ask at the vet whether they can recommend any particular insurance company or policy for Nix.

So, what about you dog? Do you have any insurance? What would you recommend?



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