New (Temporary) Food: Advance Veterinary Diets Diabetes Colitis

As I’ve mentioned previously, Nix has had many issues with food and we’re constantly searching for a new one that sits well with her. I’d say that, of all the different kibbles that she has tried, the cotecnica maxima grain free has been the worst: she scratched more and her stool was very loose.

We visited the vet because she had something similar to spots in her underbelly and she scratched them, resulting in lots of very red and nasty spots. When we came back for her revision after a week taking antibiotics we mentioned to the vet the issues with her latest kibble. In order to improve her bowel transit, the vet recommended mixing half of her current food, the cotecnica maxima grain free junior, with half of the Advance Veterinary Diets Diabetes Colitis.

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We’ve been lucky, and the Advance Diabetes Colitis has worked wonders. It’s been almost a week and Nix’s stool is back to normal. It’s perhaps a bit soft, but it has shape. We’ve also noticed that she’s being pooing between three and four times a day, when previously it was only twice, but this is probably due to the fact that the new kibble contains a lot of fibre.

If you look at the ingredients of the food, it’s mainly corn and chicken protein, and truth be told, from what I know of kibble and ingredients, and the way they are listed, it don’t think they are very high quality. However, at this point, it doesn’t worry as much as it used to. If her stomach tolerates and digests the food better, so be it.

As this food is a veterinary product for dogs with issues, she should switch to another once she finishes the bag. The vet has already recommended another kibble for dogs with sensitive stomachs. They’ll order it for us and they’ll tell us when they have it. Let’s hope that this time it’s the right one.

Note: There is no information on the Affinity website about the Advance Veterinary Diets Diabetes Colitis. For this reason, there are no links to a page offering more information about this food.

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