New Toys

Nix got two new toys for Christmas: the Kong AirDog Bone and a Nayeco tugging rope. Both are meant to substitute toys that she loves but which are already pretty worn out.

Initially, we wanted to get her another Kong Dumbbell because her old one is completely destroyed. She has enjoyed it very much and, although she does not play with it all the time, she really likes chewing and shaking it as if it were a prey. However, when we went to the local pet store, they didn’t have any available, and so we opted for the AirDog Bone instead. As you can see from the pictures, it’s very similar to the dumbbell, with a slightly different shape.

What amazed me the most was her attitute towards the present. We gave it to her wrapped up in paper and she somehow knew (smelled?) that there was a toy for her inside. We thought we’d have to open it for her, but she managed to break the paper and take the toy out just by herself. Once she had the toy, she was incredibly happy with it and even took it with her to bed. And no, she didn’t use it once during the night, so she didn’t wake us up with the squeaking. She’s a smart girl.

We gave her the tugging rope the next day, but she acted differently than with the Kong bone. She wasn’t as interested and we had to unwrap the present for her. She didn’t pay much attention to it either, but that was probably because we weren’t home and Puc was around.

When we got home later we tried to play tug-of-war with her using the new rope and we were all very satisfied: Nix had a lot of fun and we really liked the rope itself. The fact that is has a big handle makes it easy for us to hold the rope at enough distance from her mouth. So, although she clearly enjoyed the bone more, we also got a pretty nice rope which I’m sure will provide Nix plenty of moments of fun.

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