What We’ve Been Up to: Dealing with Illness – Part I

The two weeks where Nix’s stomach goes crazy…

These last two weeks have been pretty awful health-wise for Nix. On Tuesday 6th, which was a national holiday, Manel woke up at around 6:30 to find that Nix had thrown up and also had pooed inside (diarrhoea). I woke up to the noise of him cleaning the mess. Just when we had decided to get back into bed, Nix threw up again twice in a row. Afterwards she pooped again inside – diarrhoea – and threw up again. It was pretty awful. At one point, she no longer was vomiting her food but bilis, and we decided to call the vet.

The vet recommended taking her water away and waiting for an hour to see if her stomach settled down. As she threw up again once more, we took her for an emergency visit. The vet told us that it looked like she had gastroenteritis. She decided to give Nix two shots: one to stop feeling nauseous and the other was an antibiotic to help regulate her stomach. She also gave us some guidelines to follow for the rest of the week.

Although the shots really helped, Nix still threw up once again in the morning. That day we gave her no food, just some light, fresh cheese where we hid her medication so she would take it, and she could only drink water in small quantities. In fact, the vet recommended giving her an ice cube instead of liquid water, so she’d drink it more slowly and have fun licking the ice.

Sleeping on Tuesday night after having a pretty rough day…

The next morning we started giving her again her kibble in very small quantities, but she threw up about an hour and a half after eating, so we had to call the vet again. This time she recommended giving her the Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d canned meat during the day. As I mentioned in the last post, the canned meat sat really well with her and she loved it.

After this, she slowly got better. If I remember correctly, on Thursday she started eating her food again with a little bit of the Hill’s meat, and in general we tried to give her small amounts of food, four times a day. We progressively reduced the number of meals until we got back to the usual: two per day.

I’d also like to mention that despite being so ill, Nix was in a pretty good/normal mood the whole week. Perhaps she was subdued on the first couple of days, but she quickly recovered. Whenever we’d take her out for walks and she saw a dog, she’d play with it as usual. On one of the days she saw some pigeons at the beach and she started chasing them like crazy. And the photos below show her on Friday, having fun with a palm tree branch. I wondered where she got that energy from, considering how little she had been eating. I suppose the main reason is that she’s still is a very playful puppy.

What’s this wonderful stick? I want to pick it up!!
I think I could clean the beach and the streets with this!

So, on Monday 12th, it looked like everything was almost back to normal, but we were in a for nasty surprise on Tuesday… Keep tuned for Thursday’s for the story!


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