Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d

Last week we tried for the first time the canned meat Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d. Nix had caught a stomach bug, and the vet recommended giving her this food after she threw up again on the second day, when she was supposed to start getting better.

I have to say that it worked really well. Nix went crazy with just the smell and it sat really well with her. According to the feeding guidelines, we were supposed to give her between two and three cans during the day, but as she was recovering from a day of throwing up, the vet advised us to give her just one can progressively through the day.

We were impressed with the results. Nix didn’t throw up anymore and her stool was incredibly solid. In fact, I don’t think it has ever been as solid, even when she felt well. Now that we have gone back to her kibble, her stool has become a bit more loose… However, I made sure to buy a couple of extra cans to keep in the house, for the next time she gets diarrhoea or a stomach bug. Each can costs around € 3.60, which is not cheap, but given the results, I’d gladly pay them on these occassions when it can really help. If you buy them in bulk (12 cans approximately) you’ll probably find them cheaper (€ 28, £ 21 the 12-can pack) at shops such as Zooplus.

I can really recommend this food; however, considering that it is part of Hill’s Prescription Diet line, which is created with dogs who suffer from certain illnesses in mind, I recommend checking with your vet first before giving it to your dog.


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