Nix’s New Bed: Rogz Spice Podz

Some weeks ago I wrote a post explaining the problems we had had with a couple of (old) beds that Nix had reused. If you’ll remember, the main issues were that Nix would chew them and eventually remove their filling. For this reason, we finally got her a new bed, the Rogz Spice Podz, which was supposed to be anti everything: no chewing, water-resitant, and so on. After using the bed for a few weeks, I’ll now give our review of it. To cut the long story short, I’ll just say that we all love the bed.

Description & Features

The Rogz Spice Podz is made of two different parts or pieces: a cushion and a kind of cradle, where the cushion is placed. Both have removable covers which can be washed. The bed is made of ripstop polyester, cotton, non-phthalate PVC and polyester filler. According to Wikipedia, phthalates are plasticizers – substances that are added to plastics to increase their flexibility, durability, longevity and transparency. These substances have been linked to certain types of cancer and/or are thought to be endocrine disruptors. Let me stress out that the bed does not contain phthalates.

The bed’s cushion. Both sides are usable.
The cradle where the cushion is placed.

According to the manufacturer, Rogz, it has the following features:

  • Washing instructions and fabric composition of the bed.

    Ripstop Material: Cannot be ripped easily.

  • Washable: Can be washed in the washing machine at 30ºC.
  • Water Resistant: Smalls spills do not penetrate the cover easily.
  • Dirt Resistant
  • Two in one design: The cushion has two different sides which can be used.
  • Designer: There are several different cover models to choose from.
  • High Durability: Seams are double stitched and the bed uses long-lasting materials, such as YKK zippers.
  • Comfortable

You can also check a video (by Rogz) of the bed here.

Unlike other water-resistant beds, which can feel plasticky, this one has a fabric-like texture to the touch. It’s a little bit rougher than other beds but then again, the other beds are not ripstop. Despite this, the bed feels fluffy and soft when you press it.

The zippers, which can be a point of contention, are placed pretty smartly. The cradle has the zipper at the bottom and thus it is inaccessible to the dog. The cushion has it on one of the shorter sides, which again, is not as accessible as if it were placed all around the cushion or on the longer side.

Location of the zipper. It’s at the bottom of the cradle and it’s covered by fabric.
The zipper is on the side of the cushion and is also covered by fabric, so that it’s not as easily accessible.

Be aware though that it is not a cheap bed. We paid around € 90 for it. However, the quality of the materials seems much better than cheaper alternatives.

Sizes & Colours

The bed comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large.  The bed also has different covers which, as far as I know, cannot be bought separately.

Our experience

This bed is amazing. Perhaps it’s too early to give such a strong statement, and we should wait to see how it holds in the long run, but so far we have no complaints. We haven’t had any of the problems we had with the other beds, and Nix fell in love with the bed instantly. Whenever she lies down she will choose her bed over the floor 90% of the time, although I think this will change in the summer (the floor tiles will be cooler). We’ve also noticed that she has become more lazy in the morning, so we can vouch for the comfortableness of her bed.

This bed is pretty comfortable…

Ever since she’s had this bed, she has almost completely stopped chewing it. And I say “almost” because the other day we noticed her trying to chew the zipper, but after telling her “no” a couple of times she stopped. And that’s it. I have no clue if the material itself doesn’t encourage her to chew it, or if it’s because she’s growing up, or maybe both. The good news is that we no longer have to limit her access to her bed during the day.

I haven’t yet washed the covers, but I’m pretty confident they’ll wash well.

This was after maybe three minutes on the bed. As you can see, the bed passed the comfortableness test with flying colours.



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