Toys: Kong AirDog Dumbbell

If you’ll remember my previous post on toys, you’ll know that we got Nix the Kong Squeakair tennis balls and she loved them. However, the problem with these balls was that, if left to her own, she destroyed them really fast. My idea was to find a toy that she really loved, similar to tennis balls, but way more resistant.

Kong AirDog Dumbbell. Image by Kong (
Kong AirDog Dumbbell. Image by Kong (

So I went to the local pet store to take a look. I asked for advice, and one of the salesman recommended the AirDog Dumbbell. It really looks like two tennis balls united by a tube of the same material. It also squeaks, like the Kong Squeakair balls. I decided to follow his suggestion and get it for her.

The toy comes in three sizes: small (S), medium (M) and large (L).  Externally it is covered by the same fabric as the Kong tennis balls, which is supposed to be resistant but without damaging your dog’s teeth.

Nix and Us: Our Experience

We got her the large size of the dumbbell for her. Of all the toys that she is allowed to play with at home, I’d say that the dumbbell is one of her favourites. She really likes it and from time to time she will play with it on her own. However, it suffers from similar issues to the Kong tennis balls.

Nix playing with her Kong AirDog Dumbbell. At this point the toy was in pretty good shape.

Just a few days after getting the toy, it stopped squeaking. We have the theory that she sunk one tooth just in the place where the squeaker was. A few days after, the tennis-ball-like fabric on the outside started ripping off. It is still there and she has not broken it completely yet, but she now uses it to grab the toy from the hanging fabric and shake it, just as if she was killing a prey.

Now one of the balls at the extremes has already cracked up. However, the toy is still usable.

Kong AirDog Dumbbell.
The current sad state of the dumbbell, although it is still usable.

We haven’t tried to use it outside, because we wanted to have a toy for indoor use that was clean so we wouldn’t have to worry about all the dirt and dust that it would get stuck on it at the park and that afterwards would leave our home dirty. I’m pretty sure, though, that it would be a good toy to play fetch with, even if I don’t think it would bounce as much as a tennis ball nor get as far.

Nix and Us: Recommendation

Overall, I think it’s an okay toy, even if it’s not very resistant. If your dog is a strong chewer, it won’t last for long, so you should consider that when deciding whether to buy it or not. Even if it’s not very durable, it has provided quite a lot of fun for Nix, which is what we bought it for. However, I think we’ll have to keep on looking for the perfect toy to keep Nix entertained for hours…

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