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Nix resting her head on my new computer
Nix resting her head on my new computer. I wonder what she thinks when she does that…

It’s been two weeks since I last wrote a “Summary of the Week” post. As I mentioned on Twitter, I was more busy than usual and I didn’t have time as much time to work on the website.

In these two weeks, I started a new job which forces me to spend more time away from home that I would like. For this reason, we’ve had to search for someone to take care of Nix while we’re away. Fortunately, we have met many dog owners and it was just a matter of asking them if they knew anyone. They recommended someone and Nix will soon start spending a couple of days a week with her.

We also got Nix a new dog bed. So far, it’s been holding up really well and as far as we know Nix has not even tried to chew it. Its dark colors hide Nix’s hair, but drool stains are more visible. So the bed already needs a wash.

Nix and her new bed
Nix happily resting on her new bed.

Healthwise, Nix has been well although she threw up two days in a row. We have no clue as to the reasons why on the first day, but on the second we had allowed her to eat carobs and it seems like they didn’t sit well with her. We are now very careful whenever we go to the park and we try to avoid the area where the carob tree is.

In terms of food, we have been giving her a mix of Taste of the Wild: Pacific Stream for Puppies and Brit Care: Salmon & Potato Junior Large Breed. We have decided not to repurchase Taste of the Wild because she prefers the Brit Care formula, and the kibble size of the Taste of the Wild is really small. We are now waiting for a new food to be released which is produced locally and see if it’s better. What I profoundly dislike about Brit Care is that the feeding guidelines are wrong, at least for Nix, and we have to give her more food than stated on the package.

Socially, some of Manel’s friends came over one day and Nix was really nice and welcoming to them. She misbehaved a little, probably due to excitement, and this led to her paw landing on a coffee mug which then spilled onto the floor and the wall. Fortunately nothing broke. That’s one of the perks of having a dog.


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