The Quest for a New Dog Bed

Nix in her old, destroyed bed
Nix in her old, destroyed bed

When Nix came home for the first time, we had already bought many of the basic pet supplies (this would make another nice post) but we had skipped buying a bed because we already had one, which used to belong to Syd. The bed was in almost perfect shape, as she had only used it for about a year or so before she passed away. When I bought it I was perfectly aware that chances were high she wouldn’t use it for a long time, but I thought I’d keep it in case I ever got another dog. This is why it didn’t mind reusing the bed.

I should also mention that the bed has two pieces: one cushion and a kind of oval-shaped piece, with a cushion around the edge. The cushion is placed inside the oval-shaped piece to create a nice, soft bed. Both the oval-shaped piece and the cushion have their own covers, so that, if you wish, you only have to wash the cover.

When we first got her, it was early August and it was REALLY hot. On these first days, we did try letting her sleep on the bed, but we noticed that she was more interested in chewing it than sleeping on it. So, as it was very hot, we just removed the bed and had her sleep on the floor. It was probably better anyway as it was cooler than the bed.

Towards the end of September, however, Manel thought it’d be a good idea to try the bed again.  This time Nix fell in love with it almost immediately. Unfortunately, from time to time she still thought it was a good idea to chew it, although we felt it was manageable: in the morning we put the bed away and we put it back again at bed time. The arrangement worked pretty well, but she managed to somehow break a small part of the zippers and get it partially open. Overall, though, the bed was holding up okay.

Things changed, though, when Nix spent a couple of nights at my in-law’s. At home she sleeps with us, so we usually hear her if she is messing with her bed and can tell her to stop (and if she doesn’t, we put the bed away), but at my in-law’s she slept alone. Therefore, no one controlled her during the night or in the morning when she woke up. An easy solution would have been to store the bed away and have her sleep on the floor, but we didn’t know how she would react without us around and sleeping on her own. We thought that having her bed would help her, so this is why we brought it.

When we returned from our two nights away, the bed was quite a mess. I actually refused to look at it because I knew I’d be upset to see it all torn. Apart from the zippers, now she had managed to break the thin fabric covering the filling of the cushion and the oval-shaped piece, and she had been taking the filling out. Fortunately, my mother-in-law had been refilling the bed every morning, so the bed had kept more or less its shape. However, when we came home Manel had to sew it to avoid Nix taking the filling out every night again. Due to this, the cover of the oval-shaped piece is no longer removable.

Because of all of this mess, we had been thinking about getting a new bed for her. She could still use this one, and I even managed to wash it, but I don’t think it would last much longer if she used it every day. For instance, some of the filling came out when I washed it. Even if I put it back in, some of it will be lost. And, in fact, one day she just pulled the filling out again while I was taking a shower (I deceptively thought she would keep on sleeping, but she didn’t).

Some weeks ago I was looking at beds online, and most of the them had the same odds of getting destroyed as her bed. We’d need to find a more resistant bed, which ideally should also come with a cover for easier cleaning. Ideally, it should also be cheap, as I refused to spend 60€ for a bed that can get destroyed in a couple of days.

From the online pictures, I couldn’t make up my mind about what to get and how resistant it would be, so I finally went to a local store and asked them. They showed me two different types of bed which are supposed to be more resistant. Both were one-piece beds (i.e a big cushion) and had covers which were supposed to be a bit impermeable (if not completely) and therefore more resistant. The first one felt a bit plasticky and the bottom of the bed was made of a very thin black frabric which I don’t think would be very resistant. The cover of the second bed felt more like fabric and overall looked better and more resitant. The filling of the second bed was also of a higher quality. The price was around € 55-60. As they didn’t have the right size for her, we decided to wait a little bit.

Finally, a week or two ago I had to go get her some food to the store and looked again at the beds. They had received a new one from the brand Rogz which seemed like it had the same properties as the others (impermeable, resistant to chewing, with removable covers, etc.) and thought it would be an interesting alternative.

So, last Saturday Manel and I went to take a look. Apart from the standard, matress-like bed that I had seen, they also had received one from the same brand and made with the same materials which I had seen, but it came in two pieces, like her old, destroyed bed. It was pretty expensive (90€ approximately), but it seemed very resistant. The zippers were also located in places which are not so easily accessible as in her old two-piece bed. The fabric of both the cushion and the oval-shaped piece also looked more resistant than the one of her old bed. So, in the end, we decided to take the plunge and go for it. So far, we have a very happy dog.

We’ll see how it turns out.

Nix and her new bed
Nix in her new bed

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