Summary of the Week: Monday 31st October to Sunday 6th November

The week where Nix sees a drill for the first time and, instead of being scared, is very curious about it…


On Monday I had the day off and stayed home recovering from my cold and working on my personal projects (such as this website). Instead of Halloween, what is traditional here is eating roasted chestnuts, although every year more kids are getting dressed up to celebrate Halloween.

In fact, in the evening a group of girls came to my door asking for sweets. I let them pet Nix while I went searching for something to give them, which in the end turned out to be cookies as I didn’t have any sweets.

When Manel arrived we took Nix with us and went to see a parade. Nix was a bit stressed out by the whole thing and Manel kept her away while I snapped some pictures. Many people queued to get free roasted chestnuts.


On Tuesday it was a national holiday and we went to spend the day at my parents’. Nix had to spend the day in the garden because my cousin is allergic to dog’s hair and has asthma. She behaved pretty well although she learnt to open the door to the garden, and in the process she scratched it.

Nix digging at the beach
Having fun at the beach after I returned home

On Wednesday I was away for five hours and when I came back the house was in perfect condition. This time everything had survived unscathed. Lately, whenever I left for my meetings at uni, I would find  that Nix had destroyed something or other. I was pretty happy about finding the house in pristine condition, although I believe her time limit before she gets really bored and starts misbehaving is about 5-6 hours.


On Friday morning I had to run some errands and took Nix with me. I think it was a good experience for both of us: we went along the beach first, so that she could do her business and have some fun, and then on our return I stopped along the way to do what I had to. I’ll try to do that more often.


On Saturday Manel went away in the early afternoon and didn’t come back until very late at night, so I was left alone to take care of Nix. I wanted to take her somewhere different for a change and so that she could explore and have fun. Unfortunately, I was exhausted and in the end we just went to the usual places.

However, in the afternoon we were away for an hour and a half: we first went to the park, where we met some dogs and walked with them (and their owner); we then went to a cafeteria, sat in the terrace and I had a wonderful Nutella crêpe (and Nix had a croquette); and after this we went to beach where she played around with some dogs. She behaved really well while I was having the crêpe, the waitress who had given her the croquette complimented her on her good behaviour.

Nix and her dirty nose
Nix with her nose dirty after sniffing the brick and mortar dust

On Sunday Nix had her first experience with drills. Manel had to make some holes in the ceiling to hang a lamp, and instead of being scared by the drill, she was actually very curious and sat close to Manel while he worked. When he finished drilling she decided it would be interesting to sniff the drill, and ended up with her nose full of plaster and brick.

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