Summary of the Week: Monday 24th to Sunday 30th October

The week where Nix goes to the beach for the first time…

Monday & Tuesday
Nix sleeping on my backpack
Nix decided to try my backpack as a pillow. It wasn’t a good idea to allow her, because she drooled a little bit on it…

Early on the week, especially on Monday and Tuesday, I noticed that Nix seemed calmer. She spent most of the morning sleeping or lying down. I think that she is calming down as a result of getting older.

On Tuesday we actually let her sleep on her bed for as long as she liked that day, because she had been so calm and so good. Unfortunately, at the end of the day she decided it was a good idea to play with her bed by removing the filling, although she didn’t make too much of a mess.


On Wednesday Manel had his wisdom teeth removed. For this reason, we left Nix alone home for about 4 hours and everything was fine when we came back. I’m starting to think that 4-5 hours is the acceptable time she can be left alone before she starts destroying something (usually the door frame).


On Thursday we received many of the things we had ordered online for Nix on Monday. I’ll suppose I’ll eventually review most, if not all, of them. This included a new kibble for her, the Taste of the Wild: Pacific Stream for Puppies. My main issue with her current food was that we realised that the feeding guidelines were wrong, and we had been giving less food than she ought to eat. Although we already increased her daily amount to what was supposedly appropriate, I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea and decided to look for a new food.

I went with Taste of the Wild: Pacific Stream Puppy because, from the many user reviews that I read, it seemed that it sat better with most dogs than other brands I would have initially preferred, such as Acana or Orijen. As Nix is very thin, I didn’t want to risk her getting diarrhoea. So far, it seems like it’s going well.

At night we took Nix to the beach for the first time. We couldn’t go to the park because the trees had been sprayed to avoid plagues and they recommended not going there at night. She loved the beach. I don’t have any pictures as it was very dark, but she really enjoyed running around in the sand and digging. She also had the opportunity to play with an 8-year-old Golden Retriever who was incredibly patient with her. She usually plays only with puppies like herself or younger dogs (less than 2 years old).

I hope we will able to take her there more often now that winter is coming, as in the summer dogs are not allowed at the beach.

The Weekend

During the weekend I didn’t have much opportunity to have fun with Nix because of a cold I caught. I spent the most part of the two days watching videos in bed or surfing the net, and barely left home at all. It was a pretty boring weekend for poor Nix.

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