Summary of the Week: Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd October

The week were Nix goes to the dog’s hairdresser for the first time and we find out that the feeding chart of Nix’s food was wrong…

Clean Nix and clean bed. Excellent combination!

On Monday morning I washed Nix’s bed because in the afternoon she was getting a bath at the hairdresser’s. Despite the mess of a bed she has (see previous week’s post), I managed to get everything clean and not much of the filling came out in the wash.

In the afternoon I took Nix to the hairdresser’s. She was a bit stressed out and I stayed there for the first two washes and the first rinse. When I left she freaked out a little bit an I heard she had to be scolded by the hairdresser, but by the time I left the store everything had calmed down.

When I picked her up, the hairdresser told me that at first she hadn’t behaved very well, but after being scolded and then getting rewarded (with food, of course) when she was doing well things improved considerably. Nix came out smelling really good and her hair was very soft.

Shortly after picking her up from the hairdresser, we had to go to the vet, to have her skin checked (she had been taking antibiotics for almost 10 days). The vet found she was doing much better, and decided to keep her on the treatment for 4 more days. If everything goes well, sin three weeks we should go back to get her rabies vaccine.


On Wednesday we realised we should consider getting her a new bed more seriously. After having her breakfast, Nix decided she wanted to sleep a bit more and she went back to her bed (we hadn’t put it away yet). She was so calm, and behaving so well, that I thought there was no danger. When I went back to the room to get my clothes, I did notice she seemed awake, but I thought everything would be fine.


I was wrong. About 20-30 minutes later, when I emerged from the shower, I found her bed a complete mess. She had been chewing it and getting the filling out. I scolded her and kicked her out of the bedroom. When Manel came back at night, he put the filling back inside the bed and managed to make it look decent again.


On Thursday I had a meeting in the morning and had to leave Nix on her own for six hours. This time I just left her an ox stick because she had just had breakfast. When I got back home, she had destroyed a leaflet from the new sushi place and I think she had scratched a bit of the plaster on the wall, but nothing major. This time the door frame was unscathed.

Sometime between Wednesday and Thursday we realised we had been giving Nix less food that she should eat. We had the first clue when we noticed that the recommended quantity for her age and size was almost 500 grams per day, whereas the new food stated that she should eat 300 grams per day. Initially, we thought the difference was due to differences in the calories of the food, althought it bothered me that there was such a huge difference.

However, at one point I thought that she looked thinner and her rib cage seemed more noticeable. As she’s always been thin, I didn’t want to get her any thinner. So I decided to do some online research, and I found several websites stating a similar number for the daily calorie intake she should have (bear in mind that these numbers are always approximate but they provide a good starting point). We did the math, and it turned out that she should have been eating 390 grams of the new food instead of 300.

This fact, together with the feeling that the new food had not improved her skin issues, made me want to do some more research for a new food. More on that next week.

The Weekend

On the weekend Nix stayed at my in-law’s with Manel. She had lots of fun playing with Puc. On Saturday afternoon all the family (including the dogs) went to visit my sister-in-law, her husband, and their new baby. Everything was fine until Nix and Puc got into a minor fight there over a ball. Nothing happened to either of them, but from this point onwards they were kept apart while they stayed there.

Love this picture of Nix and Puc. Credit goes to Manel.

On Sunday afternoon Nix threw up her lunch. It turns out that there wasn’t enough of her food left at my in-law’s, and my father-in-law (Manel was away for lunch) gave her some of Puc’s food. It was either that, or the fat we suspect he gave her… In either case, she seems to be a bit sensitive with food changes. It worries me a little bit, as I don’t think any of my other dogs had issues whenever we changed their food.

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