Summary of the Week: Monday 10th to Sunday 16th October

The week where Nix sleeps at my in-law’s alone for the first time and our water supply gets cut for too many hours…


Monday 10th

On Monday my cold was still going strong, so I decided to spend the morning working from bed. Nix spend time downstairs and with me.

In the afternoon I had a job interview and had to leave Nix on her own. To do so, I took her out on walk after I had lunch, and when we returned she had her lunch (I left part of it in her Kong). When I came back, about 4 hours later, everything in the house was fine.

Tuesday 11th – Wednesday 12th – thursday 13th

On Tuesday night Manel and I were going away until Thursday morning. As we couldn’t take Nix with us, we left her at my in-law’s. We were a bit worried that she wouldn’t behave at night, because she is used to sleeping with us, and there she would sleep alone and we wouldn’t be around. To mitigate this, we thought it’d be a good idea to take her bed there as well, so at least she’d have something familiar with her.

It turns out that she was only a bit confused the first night and she behaved really well, as she didn’t disturb anyone. The only problem was that, left alone with her bed, when she got bored she decided to chew it and remove its filling. We were expecting this, as we had seen her chewing it at home, but when this happened we would put the bed away.

So, when we picked her up on Thursday, the bed was in terrible shape. Manel had to sew it in order to make it usable again.  We are now debating on whether getting her a new bed and which one to buy, to make sure that it lasts longer.

Friday 14th

On Friday Nix has a lot of fun in her outings, as she meets all of her dog friends. At night she spent one hour playing with two different dogs, one of them a one-year old German Shepherd. She doesn’t get the chance to play with many German Shepherds…

The Weekend

We had a rough start on Saturday morning. We woke up with no running water. There had been an incident and they had had to cut off the water supply. Fortunately, we had a 5 litre water bottle for these cases, and at least we could wash our hands.

This is my food bowl, Puc…

When we first called the water supply company in the morning they couldn’t give an estimation, but when we called later, at 12:00 pm, they told us it wouldn’t be solved until 4:00 pm. In my experience, these estimations are usually pessimistic and they manage to solve the issues earlier, but we were tired of waiting.  At that point we called my in-law’s to ask them if we could go there to take a shower and they also invited us for lunch. Puc was there so Nix and her had some fun running around and playing with her. She also enjoyed chasing Manel’s drone around. At around 6:00 pm we left to go home (water was again running!) and we prepared for a night out, as we had a birthday party to attend.

Before leaving for the party, Manel took Nix for a walk and gave her her supper. However, he also put some of the food in the Kong to keep her entertained while we were gone. When we came back she was happy to see us but we think she had been sleeping for most of the time, as she was in a very cuddly mode, instead of overexcited as she usually is. We took her again for a walk and when we came back she went immediately to her bed and fell asleep immediately.

On Sunday morning we went out in the morning for two or three hours and then spent the rest of the day at home.


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