Summary of the Week: Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th October

 A pretty boring week, where Nix tries wasabi for the first time and seems to enjoy it, and I catch my first cold of the autumn/winter season…


On Monday I decided it was time to clean Nix’s toys. As I didn’t want to clean them manually, I decided to try washing them in the washing machine. My main worry was that they’d come out of the wash with soap, so I did an additional rinse with no spinning, to avoid them breaking. After the rinse I removed the toys that I thought could break more easily and left the ones that could benefit from spinning for faster drying, although it was at only 400 rpm.

The toys came out really clean so I was very happy and would consider washing them again. However, I cannot recommend it 100% because all the squeaky toys came out with water inside of them, and it was quite challenging to remove it.

Nix looking at her toys
Nix looking at her clean toys

Tuesday was a crazy day. Manel left at his usual time, but I had plenty of appointments during the day. In the morning I left from 9:15 to 10:15 approx to go to the doctor. After getting back, I had about 2 hours before I had to leave again. During this time I managed to get some work done and then I took Nix out for a walk. We were lucky because we met one of the dogs she is friends with and they tired each other out. Before leaving I left her her Kong full with half of her lunch meal and an ox nerve stick.

My meeting went on for longer than I expected and I couldn’t get home until six hours later. I was incredibly glad to find the house just as I had left it, minus the food and the nerve stick. I felt very proud of Nix. After getting back home I took Nix to the park, where we were incredibly lucky to meet with another doggy friend (a puppy) and they played, ran and bit each other. Then another puppy came who also joined in the fun, so it was great for everyone involved.

About half an hour later we came back home and I had to leave again. I put the remainder of her lunch in the Kong again and I left. Manel was supposed to get back in an hour or two, so Nix would not spend so much time on her own.

Manel duly arrived, but some time after he went out again to get some Japanese takeaway for dinner. So Nix was left alone for the fourth time that day. It wasn’t long, though, because while Manel was away I arrived home.

That night Manel decided to let Nix lick a very tiny little bit of wasabi. As it turns out, she seemed to like it as she licked her whiskers multiple times. The amount was so little, though, that it’s really difficult to tell for sure. However, we had a really good laugh about it.

Nix playing with her food bowl
Nix also found time to play with her (empty) food bowl on Wednesday…
The Weekend

On Saturday morning Nix had a vet appointment to get the rabies vaccine. However, we had noticed that she had been shedding more hair and that she had some small, weird patches on the skin. When the vet examined her, he decided it was better to give her antibiotics for ten days to try to solve the skin issue and and postpone the administration of the rabies vaccine. He also told us that the additional hair loss we noticed was probably due to the skin infection she had.

After the visit to the vet, we drove to my parents’ for the rest of the weekend. I would have liked to take Nix for a walk somewhere, but I had a cold and didn’t feel too well. So basically we played in the garden and she had a lot of fun doing some digging. We also took her to a local town but the places we went to – a chemist’s and a bakery – weren’t very dog-appropriate, and I think she was a bit stressed with all the traffic. But she did okay anyway.

Nix digging at the park
Nix digging at the park. She really enjoys it.


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