Toys: Kong AirDog Squeakair (Tennis) Balls

A pack of large Kong AirDog Squeakair balls. Image obtained from TiendAnimal (

About two weeks ago, we decided to get some Kong AirDog Squeakair balls for Nix. We had noticed her increasing interest in balls, and she seemed to enjoy tennis balls especially. I think this was due to a mix of their softness plus their bouncing properties.

The Kong Squeakair balls look like tennis balls, with three main differences:

  • They come in different sizes, so you can get the appropriate size for your dog. For a German Shepherd like Nix, the large size is the right one, and it is bigger than a standard tennis ball.
  • They squeak when chewed/pressed, which most dogs love.
  • According to the brand, the fabric that covers the ball is resistant but at the same time does not damage your dog’s teeth.

There are 5 different sizes: extra-small (XS), small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra-large (XL). The three smallest sizes (from XS to M) are sold in packs of three, the L size comes in twos, and the extra-large is sold individually. Prices range approximately from €3 to €5 ($2 to $5) for each of the packs.

Nix and Us: Our Experience
Broken Kong Squeakair ball
This how the first ball ended 48 hours later after giving too much freedom to Nix…

I have to say that Nix absolutely loves these balls. She has another, bigger plastic ball which also squeaks, but when both balls are around, she always goes for the Kong Squeakair. Manel used to play with two balls at the park with her, the plastic one and the Squeakair, and he had to stop using the plastic one because Nix would only go fetch the Squeakair.

Unfortunately, Nix also loves chewing the balls. This means that if we give her freedom to play with the Squeakair on her own, it gets easily destroyed. The large size, the one we got for Nix, comes in packs of two. The first one didn’t last longer than 48 hours: the ball no longer squeaked and it was already broken in the middle. We’ve been more careful with the second one, only allowing her to play with it at the park, and it is still in good shape.

Nix and Us: Recommendation

Overall, I think that the Kong Squeakair balls are a really good product and not too expensive. They’ve also been a life saver for us when we wished to keep Nix entertained by herself. However, as the packaging says, they are only for light chewers. Be aware of this when buying them. Otherwise, they are great.

Why get a Squeakair instead of a standard tennis ball?
This is how the ball looked originally…

Tennis balls can be dangerous for your dogs. I know of a certain dog, a boxer, that swallowed a tennis ball, and their owners didn’t realise it until they took her to the vet because something was amiss. She underwent surgery in order to  have the tennis ball removed from her stomach, with the corresponding stress for her and her owners, plus the money for the operation.

For this reason, so far we have only allowed Nix to play with tennis balls under our supervision. Although, from what we’ve seen so far, we believe she is smart enough not to eat things that are not eatable, we still think it is best to play it safe, and this is why we thought it’d be a good idea to get some dog-appropriate tennis balls, and we turned to the Kong Squeakair balls.


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