Summary of the Week: Monday 26th September to Sunday 2nd October

The week where Nix does some remodeling while we’re away, she tries a new food, and “outsiders” stay for the night for the first time…

Version 2
Me? I’ve just done some remodeling… Do you like it??
Monday 26th
The result of Nix’s “remodeling”…

On Monday things did not start off very well. I had to leave at 8:00 and Manel stayed home with Nix until 9:00am. However, we did not have any ox sticks left and he didn’t leave Nix any food as she had just had breakfast. When I got back home, at around 1:30pm, I found that Nix had decided to do some more remodeling on her own and destroyed a little bit more of the entrance door frame.

For this reason, I decided to go shopping on her afternoon walk. I got her some more ox nerve sticks and a pack of Kong SqueakAir balls (the large size, which comes in twos). They look like a tennis ball but they come in different sizes and squeak when chewed. We had noticed Nix’s increasing interest in tennis balls, but we wanted to get her one that was dog-appropriate and of a bigger size, to avoid the issue of her swallowing it.

It was a good decision, as she loved them, but continue reading to see how the balls fared…

Tuesday 27th

On Tuesday evening we left Nix at my in-law’s so that she could play with Puc while we went to Ikea to get some new furniture (we wanted a small Kallax to store Nix’s things in, among other things). I actually called before to ask if dogs were allowed in store, to which they replied that no, only guide dogs. Too bad.

After Ikea we went to my in-law’s to have dinner and pick Nix up, but just as we were leaving, she peed inside. I still don’t know the reason why she did that, because she had spent time playing outside and had had plenty of opportunity to do so (even if not for the last hour before leaving). My guess is that she knew that we were going home and maybe thought that she wouldn’t get an opportunity to go for a walk before that. In any case, I don’t want to overthink it too much…

Wednesday 28th

On Wednesday Nix was left alone again for a while at home. This time I took her for a walk before leaving and left her with an ox stick. When I got back the ox stick was gone, as I expected, and she had destroyed the door frame just a tiny little bit. Nothing in comparison to what she had done on Monday.

In the evening some friends came over to have dinner with us. For some reason, Nix was very restless and we only managed to keep her under control by giving her one of the Kong Squeakair balls. At this point the ball no longer squeaked and I believe it was already torn (if not, it was just about to be), but it kept her entertained so we could have dinner in peace. Fortunately, the other one was still in the package so we could be more careful with it.

Friday 30th
One of Nix’s weird sleeping poses

On Friday afternoon we all went to the pet store to get her some new food. Nix has been having some skin issues (nothing too serious) and the vet suggested trying a new food before starting any kind of medical treatement. The supply of her usual food was running low, so we thought it’d be a good time to start the food change process.

Although I had done my research, once there I wasn’t sure which one to get, so we finally asked for help. We told them the skin issues that Nix had and they recommended the Brit Care Salmon & Potato. By just reading the name it seems as if the food is British, but it’s actually from the Czech Republic.

They recommended this one because it contains no grain, which can be a source of allergies, the salmon is supposed to be good for the skin, and the food came with a guarantee: if your dog does not tolerate the food well, you can return the remaining food and get your money back.

Manel gave her some of this new food for dinner and she really liked it. However, in the middle of the night she threw up a little and we don’t know if it was due to the new food or something else. Spoiler alert: even if it was due to the food, she’s been fine since then. And, apparently, she enjoys it more than the Royal Canin German Shepherd Junior, which she has been eating since she’s been living with us.

The Weekend

On Saturday morning a couple of friends came over to visit and stayed for the night. Nix had no issues with them at all during the day. However, when one of them woke up on Sunday morning and started moving around, Nix decided something fishy was going on and started to bark intermittently. The barking only stopped when she finally saw them again. So, lesson learnt: when we have guests, we should negotiate a way to let Nix take a look in their room so that she can see that everything is fine.

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