Summary of the Week: Monday 19th to Sunday 25th September

The week where Nix visits a new park and takes the train again…

Park Lake

Monday 19th
Nix at the park
Nix at the park

On Monday morning we discovered that Nix enjoyed her bed so much that she was not as eager to get up as she used to be. Therefore Manel was able to take a shower before taking her outside for a walk.

Nix had to spend the morning alone, from 9:00am to 2:00pm, as I had a job interview that lasted for the whole morning. I was happy when I returned because there was no destruction and no pee in the house.

Wednesday 21st

On Wednesday I had some meetings at uni so Nix was left alone from 11:30am to 4:30pm. I took her for a walk before leaving and then put some of her lunch food in the Kong. I also decided to leave her bed in the corridor upstairs so she could it sleep on it if she felt like it.

When I came back in the afternoon the house was fine and the bed was also unscathed. At that point I realised that it is highly likely that she never goes upstairs when she is left home aone, and that she stays downstairs close to the entrance door.

Thursday 22nd

For some reason, on Thursday Nix woke us up in the middle of the night by barking. She had done this previously, specially on the first weeks after coming home to us, but usually they were short barks and not too loud, and she was always in our bedroom.

On Thursday, however, she had gone downstairs and barked quite loudly. I think Manel went there to see what was going on, he saw nothing and when he came back to bed Nix followed him. She decided to lie again on her bed, but she started licking and chewing it. Manel told her to stop but she kept on going, so in the end he took the cushion away from her.

In the morning she did the same thing to the remaining part of the bed, so I removed it.  From that point on, we decided to let her sleep on the bed at night but to store it away from her in the morning to avoid its destruction.

Friday 23th

On Friday I mostly stayed home and worked. In the afternoon I had to leave to run some errands and when Manel got home he decided to start teaching Nix how to shake hands (or should I say paws?).

When I came back, Nix was very nervous and restless. She normally goes out after we have dinner, but we decided to take her for her walk before dinner, to see if that calmed her down. It was a good decision. Although it had started raining a little when we went out, by the time we had to go back the rain was getting worse and thunderstorm was coming. The best part of this was that Nix was completely unfazed by the storm.

At some point before bed I asked Nix to shake hands and she did it really well, considering she had just learn the command. When I told Manel, he was amused and surprised at the same time, because with him she only managed to do a very low paw lift at the very end of the session. She is a smart doggy.

The Weekend

On Saturday Manel went away to visit a friend for the whole day, so I was left home alone with Nix. She slept for most of the morning while I indulged in watching “The Killing III”. At around 1:20pm I decided I’d better do something to entertain Nix. Although it was a bit late, I thought it might be fun to visit one of the parks in our town which is about 25 minutes walk from our home.

Nix at the station
Nix at the station

Nix was happy to get out, but she was probably confused by us not following one of our usualroutes. When we went by the station she decided it’d be fun to get to the platform. I didn’t let her, although she tried. At this point I realised that she probably enjoyed her train ride and wouldn’t mind taking the train again. Either this, or she somehow knew that Manel takes the train every day to go to work. With hindsight, I think it was the first.

When we were about halfway through our walk to the park, I realised she was tired and wanted to go back. I did consider returning home, but the problem was that we’d still need to get to a park so she could do her business, and there were no parks on our way back home. So I decided to continue the walk.

At around 2:00pm, we got to a small pedestrian square with a drinking fountain and some benches. I tried to give her some water but she just licked my hands a little (next time I’ll try to bring her drinking bottle with me) and I decided it’d be a good a idea to sit down on the bench so that she could also rest.

Fifteen minutes later she decided she’d rested enough and we continued to the park, which was about 5-10 minutes away from the square. We both really liked the park. About half of its surface is covered by a lake, it’s full of trees and plants and there is even a small cave. Another advantage is that it is completely fenced except for the entrance gate, so it’s way more difficult for a dog to run away. Unfortunately it’s not very big, and it’s too far away from our home to go there very often.

About 20 minutes later I thought we’d better get home and have some lunch. As Nix had got tired from our walk to the park, I thought it’d be a good idea to take the train to get back. Although our town is not very big, it has two train stations which are very close to each other (I’d say it’s 2 minutes from one to the other by train). I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to lift her up if she decided not to get on the train, but fortunately we got one that had one of the doors at same level as the platform and she had no issues getting in the train.

When we got home she was completely exhausted and after a very late lunch she spent most of the afternoon sleeping. I took advantage of that by finishing “The Killing III”. Loved it although the end was a bit depressing and left me wanting to wath another season.

When Manel got home in the evening we had to clean the house. Nix got restless again and decided to pee inside, something she had not done for a long time. I don’t think we even scolded her because we were caught completely unaware.

On Sunday I had to make up for my laziness of the previous day. I spent the morning doing household work (and probably blog work as well) and then we had to leave in a rush because we had a family lunch. Because we were in a hurry, we left a whole ox nerve stick for Nix to chew on, which was about 40 cm long. When we got back in the afternoon the ox stick was gone (I was actually expecting this) and then we took her for a walk, where she met a young male border collie whom she enjoyed playing with.

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