Summary of the Week: Monday 12th to Sunday 18th September

Version 2The week where, for the first time, Nix stays at my in-laws’, takes the train and the tram and sleeps on a dog bed…

Monday 12th

On Monday morning we went to the vet. We had many questions over some things we had detected and we wanted to make sure that everything was fine. One of these things was that Nix had a lot of rheum in her eyes. It turned out that she had conjunctivitis. We put eye drops in her eyes during the whole week and they worked wonders. Only 24 hours later we noticed a great improvement already.

Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th

On Tuesday I had to go away for a conference and I didn’t come back until Friday. Nix and Manel stayed with his parents. I don’t have much to report as I wasn’t there, but as far as I know she had a lot of fun playing in the garden with Puc (my in-laws’ dog) and there was a funny anecdote where my father in-law gave Nix her lunch but she wouldn’t eat it because he had not told her to. He didn’t know he was supposed to tell her to do so. When I came back on Friday she was very happy to see me.

The Weekend

On Saturday I had to go to a shopping mall to return a pair of socks that had been torn after one day’s wear. I thought it was a good opportunity to take Nix with me to get her used to travel by train. Of course I couldn’t do this on my own as I wouldn’t be able to lift her up in case she didn’t want to get on the train (which was bound to happen). Somehow I managed to convince Manel that it was a good idea to go there the three of us.

The train ride went pretty well. As I expected she didn’t want to get on the train so Manel had to Version 2lift her up, but otherwise she was fine. I believe she would have liked to explore around, but we couldn’t allow her in case she disturbed the other passengers. After the train ride we also had to take a tram, and in this case there was no problem getting on and off, as the doors are at street level and there are no steps. The only negative about the tram was the fact that the driver told us that Nix should have a muzzle on, and we didn’t have one.

When we finally got to the shoppping mall it was packed. I didn’t expect Nix to have issues there, but she stressed out. Nothing too bad, but you could clearly tell that she was pretty uncomfortable. On top of that we had to take the escalators and they were quite scary for her. So, although our original plan was to have lunch there, we decided to go back home after exchanging the socks and getting her a muzzle to avoid any potential fines when back on the tram.

img_2067On Sunday we took it easy and spent most of the day home. We went out for a couple of hours and left Nix home, and she was fine. In the evening we decided to try again to let her sleep in her dog bed. The previous attempts had failed as she was more interested in chewing and playing with the bed than sleeping on it. This time it was pretty successful: she lied there and looked pretty satisfied with the arrangement.

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