Royal Canin Breeder’s Kit

Kit del Criador backThe day we picked up Nix, the breeder gave us a kind of “starter” kit, called the Breeder’s Kit, by Royal Canin. Be aware that the contents of the Breeder’s Kit depend on where you live and your dog’s breed. For example, I’ve seen that in some cases it also includes wet food for your puppy. In our case, the kit contained the following:

  • A sample of Royal Canin Maxi Puppy
  • Measuring cup
  • A couple of car stickers with the message “Pet on Board”
  • The “Puppy Guide” booklet
  • A brochure for a free puppy training class
  • A brochure for a website (Mascotas Bienvenidas) with information on places where dogs are allowed
  • A brochure with information on feeding puppies

Kit del Criador contents

I went through everything. The food sample was nice, but we are now giving her the higher-end kibble which is specific for German Shepherds. At the time, what we did was mix the two types of food until she finished the sample. She had no problems digesting the mix, so I assume that the sample food agreed with her.

Kit del Criador food and measuring cup

The measuring cup is extermely useful, so I’m really glad we got it. The stickers are OK, but we don’t have our own car so we haven’t used them, and I’m not sure we would anyway. The puppy guide and the brochure on feeding puppies were interesting although I believe I was already aware of most of the information on them. Finally, we don’t plan on attending any puppy training classes and the website Mascotas Bienvenidas was completely useless. It was badly designed, the search filters didn’t work and there isn’t anyone making sure that the content is relevant. I refuse to link to it.

Despite the fact that we haven’t used everything in the pack, overall I really enjoyed being given a sample of food and some extra goodies, and I think that the booklet and the food brocuhre are a good way of informing the new dog owners of what to expect.


    1. Montse

      Hola Cristina,

      Que yo sepa, la única forma de conseguir estos kits es directamente del criador. Me imagino que Royal Canin sólo los reparte a criadores profesionales y no a personas que se dedican a ello de forma particular.

      ¡Suerte y gracias por la visita!

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