Summary of the Week: Monday 5th to Sunday 11th September

Monday 5th

It was a pretty standard day. Nix behaved properly for the whole day and didn’t give much trouble. We managed to follow my ideal schedule for the day. She was left alone for an hour and didn’t break anything. Overall, it was a really good day.

Tuesday 6th

Nix went for a run in the early morning and she looked really happy (even if tired!) afterwards. It was  weird day because I had to leave at 11:30 am and wasn’t sure when I would get back, although I was hoping to be home by 4:30 pm. Before I left we went to the park for a walk and had some fun playing tug-of-war.

Nix still eats three times per day (at 8:00 am, 3:00 pm, 10:00 pm, approximately) and therefore lunch (3:00 pm) was a problem as I wouldn’t be there to feed her. Our original idea was to divide her food lunch ration between her breakfast, her Kong, and give her what was left over when I came back at 4:30 pm. (Cultural note: In Spain, people have lunch between 1:00 and 3:00 pm. The reason why Nix eats so late is that she eats after I have eaten, and I normally have lunch at 2:00 pm).

So, before leaving, I left the Kong full of her food to keep her entertained a little and one of her ox sticks, apart from a plethora of toys and her chew bone.

Things didn’t turn out as I expected (sigh), my meetings went on for longer than I expected, and I couldn’t get home until 6:30 pm. I expected to find destruction, pee and poo. I was incredibly happy to find a tiny bit of destruction, no pee, and no poo.  I do think that leaving the ox stick helped to avoid severe destruction.

Immediately after arriving we went for a walk and she had lots of fun running and playing with a Golden Retriever puppy she is friends with.

Wednesday 7th

On Wednesday things didn’t go exactly to plan. In the morning we did follow the usual schedule, but in the afternoon, just after lunch, she was restless and it seemed like her teeth were hurting, as she was chewing everything on her way. So we went outside in the early afternoon.  When we came back she was calmer. There was nothing noteworthy for the rest of the day, other than I finally got my watch back after having it repaired since someone had decided it was a good idea to play with it. Guess who that was.

Thursday 8th
curver container
A food container very similar to ours. We got the biggest size (20 kg). Image obtained from Curver (

On Thursday we finally received Nix’s food air-tight container, which we had been waiting for for weeks. We love it. We can fit a whole bag of her food inside, including the bag itself, and we no longer smell her food whenever we enter the room where we store it. Moreover, it has a couple of wheels, making it easier to move in an already cramped room, and it has two different openings: a big one, which is meant to be used to place the bag inside, and a smal ler one, for daily use, to get the food out.

Kong liver treats. Image obtained from Kong (

We also received the Kong treats meant to be used to fill her Kong with them. We got the liver flavor of the large size. Nix loves them. Although they are perhaps a tad too big to fit inside the Kong without breaking them, I place them with their larger part sticking out in order to act as a bait to motivate Nix and get the rest of the food (her usual food) out.

Friday 9th

On Friday Nix had lots of fun playing with dog friends. In the afternoon she spent about one hour in the park, playing with other dogs and walking around. At night she spent another hour playing with Puc, my in-laws’ female Border Collie. And even later that night, she got to play again with another friend, a very playful Husky.

She was so tired at the end of the day that we didn’t hear her once during the night, something which doesn’t happen very often these days, unfortunately.

Saturday 10th

On Saturday morning we left as we had a birthday celebration at my parents’.  She slept for most of the ride and behaved quite well during the day. Late in the afternoon we went for a walk and she really enjoyed it.

Sunday 11th

On Sunday we went back home. Again, the ride went very well and we stopped on our way to have lunch at my sister-in-law’s. Immediately after arriving, Nix sniffed around the whole house and afterwards settled quietly while we were eating. We then went for a walk at a local park; we enjoyed the walk although it was quite hot and uphill.

Later in the afternoon we  visited my in-laws’, and Nix and Puc had the opportunity to play together. Nix was still tired from the earlier walk in the park, so they didn’t play for as long as they usually do, but they still enjoyed themselves.

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